FurniturePay can save you £££'s

Take advantage of our huge negotiating power.

Experts in delivering a great payment experience - Switch to FurniturePay

Whether you need to take payments in one location, across multiple sites, or on the go, FurniturePay can help your customers pay how they want. You also benefit from the very latest PEDS (card machines), next-day settlement and quick and easy onboarding.*

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Don't 'break the mood' during the sales process

With FurniturePay's fabulous state-of-the-art mobile devices, you can take payments from your customers anywhere around the showroom. So no need to 'break the mood' and move the customer to a fixed pay point.

Take the payment from the customer there and then, on the sofa, in the showroom environment.

You never know, the customer might decide to buy that extra lamp or rug while they are comfortable!

Take Card Payments On Delivery

With FurniturePay's 5G mobile peds, your drivers can now take card payments on delivery. All transactions are automatically linked to your epos to avoid any confusion and reduce paperwork. Clean and simple. Your customers will love it and your drivers will love the speed and efficiency to get on with the job.

Speed up your delivery processes, reduce paperwork and costly human errors. Remember, the last experience your customer usually has with your company is the delivery - so make it a good one.

Link the FurniturePay peds directly to your EPOS

No more keying in the amounts by hand, as the EPOS system pushes the data directly to the ped and then through to the approval process, returning a successful payment back directly to the EPOS.

This eliminates human error during the payment process and the whole transaction is completed in a matter of seconds, speeding up the sale process.