With a combined turnover of £2 billion between over 2,000 Furniture & Bed Retailers, FurniturePay uses its incredible negotiating power to knock down Credit Card Processing rates to ROCK-BOTTOM!


Imagine the Negotiating Power of £2 billion?

If you are an Independent Furniture and Bed Retailer, you can utilise FurniturePay's massive negotiating power within this niche furniture retail marketplace. We can, most likely, negotiate a much better rate than you are currently paying and save you literally thousands of pounds in card fees.

Right now, you could benefit from the right payment solution, next-day settlement* and quick and easy onboarding.

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Secure Your Business Costly Errors

With FurniturePay you can link the PEDS directly to your EPOS system to avoid human error. With literally thousands of transactions happening in your stores, human error can be one of the most costly.

Once connected, you can then:

  • Track your income, profit and taxes, with reports
  • Calculate and track VAT automatically
  • Take payments anytime, anywhere, even on delivery

Come see how FurniturePay can benefit you and your furniture & bed retail business.